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Configurable to work on 3 or 5 or 8 access portals

Large database of 15,000 card users and 25,000 offline transactions

Card database upgradable to an astonishing 300,000 card users

Reader support: Magnetic, Bar Code, EM/HID Proximity, Mifare, Biometric Devices

32-bit-low-power and high performance microprocessor

Peer-to-peer communication with other EL 5000 series controller for data sharing intelligence

Multi-function; Standard Access Mode/Car-Park control/Time clocking –Late reasoning mode

Enhanced Anti-passback capabilities ( Hard/Soft/Alarm)

Support an expansion slot for future-proof requirements

40 holidays set; 99 timezones with 99 timers with 4 time intervals

Built in tamper alarm, battery low, AC fail


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Ordering Information


 Access Control Unit




 EL5030 Multidoor-Door Access Controller 

 Product Code: EL-2305-001




 EA79B TCPIP LAN Module built-in with RJ45 socket

 Product Code:  EA-0079-002





 EP25S Power Supply Adapter, 13.5V/2.5A c/w PS2

 Product Code: EG-PSA3-002




 Metal Casing - 256(H)x285(W)x74(D) mm

 Product Code: CS-1056X

 Entry Keypad




 EK9S Keypad

 Product Code: ER-0009-001 (Beige), ER-0009-B01 (Dark Grey)


 Entry Keypad c/w Reader




 EK9R Keypad with 4x7 Segment Display, built-in with EM reader

 Product Code: ER-0009-R01




 EK8R/B Keypad with 4x7 Segment Display, built-in with EM reader

 Product Code: ER-0009-R02





 EK848 Touch Sense LCD Keypad Reader

 Product Code: ER-0848-SE1

 Entry/ Exit Reader




 ERM923 EM Reader





 ERM823 EM Reader





 ER928 Mifare Reader




 ERH923 HID Reader




 HR-CR Handkey Palm Reader

 Product Code: ER-1000-003




 ER301 Fingerprint Reader

 Product Code: ER-0301-001





 EM Proximity Card




 Mifare Contactless Smart Card




 HID Proximity Card

 Access Management Software





 Single-workstation Access Management Software





 Multi-workstation Access Management Software





 EL70R Communicator, RS485 to USB

 Product Code: EL-070R-001




 EL70W Communicator, RS485 to USB, Built-in with Softkey II (Software to

 be programmed)

 Product Code: EL-070W-001




 EL70T Communicator, Multidrop to RS232

 Product Code:  EL-0070-004




 EL70Y Communicator, Multidrop/RS485 to USB, with software key slot

 Product Code: EL-US70-G02


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